3 Fitness Ideas: Get Going and Fit Today at Radford University Student Recreational Center

2 min read Physical health and Fitness are crucial things that one should attempt to incorporate in their everyday life, and college students need to do this.


By Chad Boxley | cboxley@radford.edu

Physical health is a crucial thing that one should attempt to incorporate in their everyday life. I believe college students need to focus on doing this. I say this because college students often get so busy with their daily lives that they tend to forget all about their fitness and health.

Here are some of the best fitness classes that Radford University has to offer.

Personal Trainers

If you are planning on changing up your fitness routine, or you are interested in training for a sport, or even one-on-one workout sessions, the Radford University Student Recreational Center offers personal trainers who are held at the highest of standards to work with clients and help them reach their goal.

The personal trainers that are offered are either already nationally certified as a personal trainer, or they are currently on that track.

If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase strength, or even improve your overall fitness routine, they are always there to help.

If you would like to learn more information about the personal trainers that the Radford University Recreation and Wellness Center offer as well as packages, prices, and options that they have, I suggest you take a visit or go to their website.

Group X

The Group X Program that the Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers here at Radford University should be taken advantage of. They aim to focus on providing each student a fantastic opportunity to stay physically active while having fun and socializing all in one sitting.

They allow students to experience a wide variety of fitness activities with their peers by offering a variety of quality group classes.

The Classes that are offered by Group X vary from Strength and Conditioning classes to Cardio and Dance classes, as well as classes focusing on the Mind and Body.

Highlander Training, Zumba, and even Yoga!

The many group Fitness Classes are offered for free to all students.

You can sign up for classes using 1 of 4 methods.

  1. You can schedule a class here.
  2. Download the Radford Rec app via the Apple store or Google Play.
  3. Visit the IM Leagues page.
  4. Just show up to a class of your choice with your student ID!

So why not give it a shot! I encourage you to do so because you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity for a variety of useful stress management tactics, which is known to help you perform better in your everyday life. I also to encourage you to try an activity that you haven’t participated in before if you do plan on attending. You’d be surprised how fun working out can be.

I love how these groups allow you to learn something new, and most importantly have fun at the end of the day!

Photo Credit: (bruce marsUnsplash; Sam SabourinUnsplash)