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Brandon Osborne



Slash is better known as the original guitarist in Guns N’ Roses as well as the current guitarist in Velvet Revolver. However, he has recently jumped into the solo artist world with the release of his album Slash. The CD features over 10 different vocalists as well as showing the many styles of guitar he can play. Some of the highlights include “Beautiful Dangerous” with Fergie, “Crucify the Dead” with Ozzy Osbourne and many others. He shows that he can play straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, some blues, and upbeat pop music. Fans of the guitarist’s work, will enjoy this CD as he still shows he is one of rocks best musicians.

Chris Cornell:

Chris Cornell is considered by many to have one of the finest voices in rock music. He is the lead singer in the band Soundgarden as well as an accomplished solo artist. He has a new album out showing some of his new songs as well as some live music. Cornell’s live performances are truly amazing as you can hear how great his voice is as well as how much vocal range he has. In his solo work he has collaborated with artist ranging from fellow rockers to Timberland. His career started with the band Soundgarden but he has also fronted the band Audioslave. Both bands have produced major records and hit singles.


“Pearl Jam 20:”

“Pearl Jam 20” is a new documentary from Cameron Crowe that takes an in depth look into the band’s history. The documentary starts out looking into the early beginnings of the band from projects such as Mother Love Bone and Temple Of The Dog. Crowe does a great job of showing rare footage from the bands earlier days such as a MTV launch party concert in which the band performs noticeably drunk. He also does an amazing job of showing the bands relationship with Nirvana and how the death of Kurt Cobain affected the band. The documentary is also full of excellent concert footage from the early shows in the bands history as well as more recent concert footage. Pearl Jam’s passion for music and fans is clear and Crowe does a great job showing it.

Hoop Dreams:

Hoop Dreams is a three-hour documentary that takes a look of two inner-city teenagers, William Gates and Arthur Agee, who aspire to play in the NBA. The documentary looks at the harsh realities of living in a ghetto and how the two men desire to get out of it. The movie shows the two men grow up from experiences such as injuries and failure to live up to high expectations. It also shows how strong the families’ support the two men receive is in their moments of need. It also has great basketball footage as both men are very talented. The movie spans from freshmen year of high school until they are freshmen in college. Hoop Dreams is an excellent sports documentary that dives into racial issues and life in the ghetto.


Seven Deadly Sins:

Seven Deadly Sins is Corey Taylor’s book in which he tells about his life but also talks about how the seven deadly sins are out dated. He shows how living the rock star lifestyle has led him to be a major sinner. He then talks about how those sins are what make him human. He gives fans a new take on the rock and roll autobiography as well as letting fans see inside his head. This book is unlike any autobiography you may have read and his stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll will have people shocked yet amazed.