2019 Etiquette Dinner: Getting to Know Proper Etiquette from the Career Center

The etiquette dinner will be held in Kyle Hall 340, Tuesday, Mar. 5 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Those in attendance will be treated to a free four-course meal.

By Tyler Martin | tmartin100@radford.edu

Just before spring break, the university will be hosting an etiquette dinner giving students the opportunity to find out what the business world has in store for them.

The etiquette dinner will be held in Kyle Hall 340, Tuesday, Mar. 5 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Those in attendance will be treated to a free four-course meal. Dining options are listed below and any requests regard dietary restrictions will be taken.


  • A Salad with Romaine Zesty Caesar dressing flaked with parmesan cheese and herb croutons.
  • Soup with Butternut Squash with toasted sunflower seeds served with a roll.
  • The main course is an Apricot-glazed chicken that is roasted with sweet potatoes served with fresh cut green beans.
  • Dessert is a smooth double chocolate cake with a caramel glaze and whipped cream.

Networking and Making Connections

Between the times 5:30 and 6 p.m., this will serve as a networking period for students to improve their skills and make connections in the professional world. The remainder of the event will be the allotted etiquette dinner time.

In the event, they will have a professional etiquette consultant in attendance for any tips or tricks you may want to know.

The guest speaker for the event is Kathleen Harshberger, a graduate from The Protocol School of Washington, who specializes in training for professional business etiquette.

If you wish to attend the event you must register through Handshake on your MyRU portal. There will be limited seating, and students are required to dress professionally.

Register quickly, dress sharply and get your networking skills in gear before some of your peers.

The Radford University career closet in Russell Hall 331 is accepting donations for lightly used professional attire until Mar. 30. All options are free of charge to students, and in most cases, they can keep the clothes. Professional attire can get pricey so take the advantage while you can.

Radford offers plenty of ways to seek professional guidance every year, and this event has taken place before. Other events in the past such as career fairs or COMS Week have offered resources to students of any major on how to get a better head start for their professional lives.

Resume building, networking opportunities, interview preparation, and headshots are just some of the options offered at The Center for Career & Talent Development in the past.

Tips to Better Yourself

Some tips on how to get your name out there and to make yourself look better to a potential employer would be:

  1. Build up your resume and highlight the key points that relate to the job you are applying for. Any experience whether it be, hands-on, social, teamwork, technical or academic is a good experience. Always keep your resume handy.
  2. Make good connections with any professor, boss or advisor you can to strengthen your list of references. Keep in contact with them! You never know who will know who.
  3. Dress to impress. The Career for Center & Talent Development on the Radford website includes the guidelines for men’s and women’s dress in the professional world.
  4. Get to know how to use websites like Handshake and Linkedin for any professional online networking you may try to seek out. If you’re in need of any part-time work while in school get to know Indeed.
  5. Dedication and effort go a long way, but so does a person’s character. Be yourself and show off what you have.

A lot of what we know as professional etiquette is something we are told by parents or someone we know personally. We do not quite get this taught in a formal setting, so seize the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and ease your way right into the business world.

Photo Credit: (bady qb | Unsplash)