2018 Radford Halloween Party: A New Experiences

2 min read On Oct. 31, Radford University hosted an incredible Halloween party set up by the Recreation and Wellness Center. It lasted from 5 p.m to 9 p.m. in Heth Hall.


By Nerea Romero | rnerea@radford.edu

On Oct. 31, Radford University hosted an incredible Halloween party set up by the Recreation and Wellness Center. It lasted from 5 p.m to 9 p.m. in Heth Hall.

Halloween has been a significant day to many of us for a long time, and Trick-or-treating seems to never get old. This year happens to be my first experience of Halloween in the United States. I will always remember how impressed I was when Walmart sold Halloween decoration starting in August.

Everyone in the dorms and apartments was carefully and creatively organizing all the decorations which made them adorably haunted.

Different spots displayed information of activities and prices. Near the fountain, there was a cake walk with delicious prizes such as green cookies which were mouth-watering and very spooky.

There were also spots where you could find information about the outdoor activities that are coming soon to campus. The Wellness Center always prepares activities for the students, encouraging them to get involved in clubs like the IMleagues. For those who do not know what IMleagues is, it’s a club which provides interactive and sportive activities for students.

It is effortless to be involved.

The party also offered many games. In one of them, students had to try to score in three different barrels of different distances. In another, students could paint a pumpkin if you had not already done so for $2. All the tools to embellish your pumpkin were also provided. Students created amazing works of art.

Apart from the activities said above, the most eye-catching one was just in front of Heth Hall. For those who are a fan of dancing, Zumba was the most crowded activity. However, spinning and yoga were briefly shown. It was a short class of what they offer at the gym.

As usual, there was a Halloween costume contest. President Brian Hemphill, staff from the Wellness and Health Center, and RUPD were there as judges. There were prizes offered for the most creative, scariest, best duo, most adorable, best group costume, and best superhero costumes.

One student who was participating in the contest chose to dress up as Frankenstein. By using body paint and recycling her clothes, she made a good costume.

Another student, Nikuber, was dressed as a Devil, his headpiece was made with cardboard and paint and his pants of an old blanket. Although he did have an advantage of previously working at a haunted house, so he’s used to creating these costumes.

Casandra came as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack’s wife. She was entirely in blue body paint.

It’s always an excellent option to reuse old things you are going to throw away for a costume. With imagination, anyone could be creative and make an impressive original costume.

The event finished with a surprise. Low Key, Radford’s men’s acapella group sang songs such as ‘Medley’ of All Time Low. It left most of the audience speechless.

It seemed as many members of the Radford community enjoyed the Halloween party.

Photo Credit: (Jordan Bennett | The Tartan)