2012 President will have big tasks



Unfortunately I had to have this article written and turned in before I knew the results of the elections that were held Tuesday Nov. 6. These elections included a presidential election between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, a senatorial election between former Governor Tim Kaine and former Senator George Allen, and a string of congressional across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

From these elections we Virginians elected people who will represent us and our interests for the next two, four, and even six years. These elected officials will have been given immense power and influence over the future of this country and in a more broad view the world. They will decide how we as students pay back our student loans, when this nation goes to war, and even if certain citizens have equal rights to marry, receive health care, and earn equal pay.

In the past we have elected intense partisans more concerned with cheap political points than actual facts and progress. Partisans that like to, for example, complain about the national debt and social programs despite a vast majority of the debt coming from their party’s previous failed policies.

Or partisans that insinuate random and prejudicial birth locations of their opponents despite being proven wrong numerous times. Or partisans that put up signs of how low gas prices were at certain times without mentioning that the price of gas was that low because the economy had collapsed, due to the failed policies of the previous administration, thus resulting in less demand for a the same supply of gas since no one was buying gas cause they had no money.

Americans deserve better than these cheap tricks. We deserve political parties willing to compromise on major issues that are going to come up in the next four years no matter who came out on top on Tuesday.

These issues include but are not limited to immigration reform, climate change, and most importantly deficit reduction. We as a people deserve action from Washington and our elected officials instead of political stalemate created by stubbornness on the part of a few ideologues imbedded with the party establishment.

In the past our elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans would, after a long day of work on The Hill or in the White House, have drinks together in bars, lounges, and offices across Washington discussing a range of subjects. It did not matter what party you were, you were all cut from the same cloth and could have a drink civilly without nasty partisanship getting in the way.

One famous example of this was liberal Democratic Massachusetts Speaker of the House Tip O’Neal having afternoon drinks with conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s. At the time this was not news and was relatively common in Washington. The two men could sit for hours talking like old friends, for they were actually old friends.

For that to occur today would be unthinkable and that needs to change for this country is growing tired of being torn apart every election year. So to whoever won the elections on Tuesday I implore them to reach across the aisle, not just to say that you tried to be bipartisan, but because being bipartisan is what is best for this nation and that is why we elected you to that office. Will you lose some opportunities at political points and will you get everything you want by being bipartisan? No, sacrifices will have to be made on the part of both parties but it is what is best for every citizen of this country.



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