10 things I wish I knew my freshmen year

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Hannah Curran


Freshmen year can be one of the scariest times in someone’s life. You are entering a whole new world with people you have never met, and sometimes far away from your family, it can make the adjustment very hard. All that being said, it can also be one of the greatest times in your life between the amazing people you will meet and the freedom you will have to do things you want when you want. To help with the adjustment here are 10 things I wish I knew when I was a freshmen!

The first thing I wish I knew was waiting until you I had one day of each class before buying the books, because many times you do not need all of the ones offered online. Also, make sure to check secondary sources for books in order to confirm you are getting the best price.

The second thing I wish I knew was to stock up on cold medicine because you are going to get sick in the first couple of weeks especially if you are new and not used to everything here. The plague will take you down.

Third, you can always look online at DineonCampus for what is being served in Dalton and Muse so you know before you go.

Next, I would say make friends with your neighbors because chances are you will need help or something from them before the year is over, especially if you live in an upper class-men dorm.

Another thing I wish I knew about my freshmen year was that Claytor Lake can be a hidden gem when the weather is nice. People do not think about going there but when it’s nice out get a group of friends and go after class to enjoy the day.

Also, make a friend in all of your classes so that you have someone to text If you have questions or need help. That friend can make an instant project partner, help with homework, and study prep. It also can make things a lot less awkward your first semester.

Something else I wish I knew was that on D2L under ‘Radford University Support’ there is a Net Tutor button, that is incredibly useful. They can look at your papers, help with math problems, science, economics and business, nursing, and computer science classes. Using this tool can end up saving you a ton of points in a class and I highly recommend it.

Be sure you go into the town and explore because you will learn a lot and find some great food and activities. The new river offers a nice getaway while the weather is nice, where you can tube, fish, or just enjoy the day.

Always expect fire drills at the worst times like 3 a.m. or while you are in the shower, especially if you live in Muse.

Lastly, do not be afraid to join a lovable band of misfits. Every so often, you will find a group of people that you automatically click with. You could meet anyone; your adorable future roommate, your video game loving drummer, your hippy singer/guitarist, or your nerdy absolutely crazy punk rocker best friend. The most unexpected people come into your life and once you find them you realize that they will be the most important people in your life for a long time to come.

Radford was the best choice I ever made and most people who come here feel the same way, hopefully you love it as much as I do!