10 Places You Should Visit On Main Street

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Hannah Hale


Students at Radford University are given tons of ways to spend their free time on campus, but what about our options off campus? Local shops on East and West Main Street provide something for just about anyone, and most of it is within walking distance from campus! However, I’ve noticed, particularly with the freshman class, students are not getting out much when it comes to shopping locally. A few years ago, you would see a lot of students walking the sidewalks of Main Street. I think this decline is due to most of the students here not knowing just what Main Street has to offer! So here are ten places everyone should visit on Main Street.

Starting with West Main Street, Kibbles on Main is a shop for the animal lover. The majority of the items available cater to the classic dogs and cats. A huge variety of foods, treats, and toys make Kibbles on Main your furry friend’s dream! They also carry items for small animals like birds, hamsters, rabbits, and even chinchillas. Fish food and reptile supplies are not abundant, but they are there as well. Also, if your pet is sick, they have vitamins, supplements, and medicines you can buy in-store! Oh, and sometimes they will have a sweet German Shephard hanging around. Who doesn’t love a cuddly pooch?

For the coffee-lovers of Radford University, Radford Coffee Co. is the place to be. With a menu that boasts coffees, teas, shakes, smoothies, breakfast foods, wraps, paninis, salads, and a bakery, there is much to love about this rustic-style coffee shop! Are you a pumpkin spice lover? They are already serving that on their menu as well! I ordered the blended salted caramel drink, which includes two shots of espresso, and it was heaven in a cup.

Attention design and fashion majors, or craft lovers, I have found your Holy Grail! Sew Biz is a shop that is located in an alley off of the strip. It has everything you need to get sewing! The walls are filled with different fabrics, cloths, and more. Knitting needles, crochet needles, and yarn is carried there, too. If you’re a beginner, or enjoy working in groups, they provide an array of classes including sewing and knitting, and even assorted crafts. Owner Marianne says, “We like to emphasize the capacity of what we have on two floors.” She is not lying either; you could spend hours going through all of the items they have!

The last shop I have down for West Main is Peacocks and Hollyhocks. This store has a country bohemian feel to it. They sell women’s clothing, hats, purses, home gifts, and artificial flowers. They also have a huge selection of Ginger Snap jewelry. There are so many unique gifts to choose from!

Moving on to East Main, Lamour’s Boutique has been on campus a few times at our fairs and such, but have you ever been to the shop? It is stocked full of amazing hippie clothes, beautiful tapestries, and posters. Sterling silver rings and crystal pendants can also be found there. The owner, Laura, tells me, “My advice to the students – study hard and go to your classes! Get out and explore your world. Shop local!” She is so sweet and loves students at Radford University.

For the gamers of Radford, Game Quest, Inc. is where you will find a group of people who love gaming just as much as you do. This club, which is also a store, allows members to utilize the games and features in the store so groups can get together and play. Also, if you are an avid comic book reader, this place has an awesome collection of all kinds of titles!

Two restaurants on East Main are the bomb dot com. First, Sharkey’s, is a popular hangout for students. My recommendation for an order choice: any of the wings! Second, Screamers, is largely known among GrubHub users, but I have found that many students do not know about it! It delivers, and the food is phenomenal. I recommend the Elvis Burger. Trust me.

Last on the list, but certainly not least, the Farmer’s Market that takes place every Saturday from 8 a.m – 1 p.m. is a great place to get locally grown foods and handmade products. Fresh vegetables, fruits, homemade soaps, beauty products, jewelry, and more are available here. Sometimes they will even have events for pets! I highly recommend going and treating yourself to some fresh, good food.

So that’s it for the ten places everyone should visit on Main Street! I encourage you to get off campus, explore the town of Radford, and enjoy everything that is at your disposal. I hope to see everyone out and about on Main Street; there are even more places to see than what I have listed above! Shop local and support your town!