‘Our Idiot Brother’ provides decent, yet lackluster laughs

imdb.com. ‘Our Idiot Brother’ is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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imdb.com. ‘Our Idiot Brother’ is now playing in theaters nationwide.

Courtney Earll


“Our Idiot Brother” wasn’t all that it was played up to be. As a Sundance Film Festival movie, it was praised as a great comedy, but it was slow to get into.

It also had few truly funny parts within the start of the film. However, when it comes to jokes, it’s a pretty good laugh.

Paul Rudd plays the main character, Ned, who is the so-called “idiot” but really is just an innocent ‘child.’ He gets sent to jail for selling marijuana to a police officer in full uniform.

Once he gets out of jail, he returns home to find out that he actually is homeless. He bounces through his mother and three sisters’ (played by Emily Mortimer, Zooey Deschanel and Elizabeth Banks) homes until they can’t handle him any longer. They have their own problems, as well as selfish tendencies, and don’t care deeply about their brother, Ned.

His sisters do, however, help him find money so he can find a home at his ex-girlfriend’s farm in the goat barn.

One of his sisters, played by Emily Mortimer, has her husband get Ned a job helping him with his documentary about a ballerina. This job ends up becoming a sticky situation for Ned and causes some drama and conflict within the brother and sisters’ roles.

Ned truly only cares about one thing and that’s getting his dog, Willie Nelson, back from his ex-girlfriend, who decides that she wasn’t going to take Ned back after he was in jail. His hippie ex also said that he’s bringing a bad vibe into Willie Nelson’s life and won’t let him even see the dog. This conflict leads to many attempts to take Willie Nelson from his ex and some fail miserably.

For a movie that is R-rated and has a comedic actor like Rudd, it doesn’t live up to the other movies in which he’s starred. Although this is a completely different role for him, the film wasn’t very funny. There are a few laughs, but the film lags. Overall, “Our Idiot Brother” was an alright film, but needed more laughs if it was to be considered a comedy.